A Guide to the Danican Private Label Program

Helping You, Your Brand, and Your Company from the High Quality OEM Mattress and Bedding Creator

Why Consider Private Label Bedding?
Private label branding from us, the OEM of Mattresses and Bedding, gives you and your brand something different to offer your customers – something unique to you. It gives you a degree of marketing independence from the major brands. It gives your customers new choices: new and different product feature options and styles.
We Make it Easy
Simply put our private label products are manufactured by us (the OEM) for you to market under your private brand and through the marketing and sales channels you choose to reach your desired customers. No two private labeling agreements are exactly the same as no two companies have the same requirements and needs. Designed to fit your specifications, our private label program allows you to take advantage of designs, materials and concepts that are patented, proprietary and unique. We can offer you product solutions that are outside the me-too mainstream, perhaps offering lower cost alternatives to the big brands you presently carry. Or, we could offer you a higher priced premium alternative to compete with the premium name brand everyone else is carrying. Depending upon the exact program we create together, you will offer your customers a powerful, distinct and creative mattress and bedding selection: one that helps your business to stand out from your competition.
Each Customer is Unique
A flexible and individualized private label program will be designed for you. No two private label customers are exactly the same. Successful private label programs offer you your own branding. They must be simple and must address your specific needs. They must offer you new business opportunities and your consumers new choices with broader selections.
Broaden Your Market Share
Outsourcing product development, manufacturing and packaging to a private label manufacturer can actually allow a company to diversify and expand private brand label products to their customers without significantly investing in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution expenses.
Access to Creative Product Design
Private label can offer wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers access to creative product design, materials, components, performance characteristics and even superior quality that they would not normally have with their traditional branding partners. Such a program can even allow you to diversify your product line and enter markets you might not have gone into with your usual brands.
Customize Your Order
Together we will create the perfect private label program that fits your needs. Depending upon the size and sales volume of your business you may be an ideal candidate for a full container load shipment of your own brand mattress and bedding products. Or, you may be the perfect candidate for Danican’s “Less than Container Load” (LCL) custom program.
Puts More Money in Your Pocket
Along with assuring an optimum order, a successful private label program will allow you to structure a product pricing offering that is ideal for you and your customers, one that will maximize your profits. By selecting creative designs, exacting quality, perfect materials and superior performance, you can set a brand pricing strategy that will close sales and guarantee satisfaction. Simply put, you build a brand umbrella that sets a winning price strategy that works for everybody involved.

We Make Private Label Bedding Accessible

Danican’s Private Label Program Will Help You:

Build Your Own Brand

Private labeling gives you your own brand, improving your control over product pricing and selection.

Create Customer Loyalty

You get to invest in and build a personalized image and you earn higher customer loyalty for your store and your brand.

Increase Your Profits

With the right business deal and partnership, you get to increase your control over production, marketing, distribution and profits.

Look Amazing

You get to personalize your brand and store marketing with targeted logos, taglines and offerings.

Meet Customer Preferences

Not only are you able to offer new and distinct choices, but a focused, well-planned private label program can flexibly address ever-changing customer preferences and desires.

Gain an Edge on the Competition

Private label programs provide you an edge over other brands by creating a personalized and unique brand for you. With a well-planned and executed private-label brand you will be able to create better sales opportunities. You can build value and enhance your brand recognition with your customers.

Private label branded products allow retailers to differentiate their products from competitors’ products and provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.